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We LOVE candles, and we LOVE what we do!  

We give new life to unwanted and discarded wine bottles by turning them into awesome smelling candles!

We take pride in the scraping, cutting and buffing process of each wine bottle (we really do!), a technique that has taken a long time, and a lot of patience to perfect!

Our labels are unique and fun!

Each fragrance with it's own character from the roaring 1920's. 


Fragrances have been carefully blended to mimic the aroma of favorite alcoholic beverages.

Pure Soy

All candles are made with a 100% pure soy wax produced by our local farming communities!

To ensure freshness and quality we hand-craft in small batches using only the richest of ingredients available.

The Family

We are a family owned business that pride ourselves in offering outstanding customer service, and are devoted to giving you an amazing online shopping experience. Try our beautiful, handcrafted candles for yourself, and join us on our mission to be more resourceful with our environment.