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Customers love our candles:

All our candles are handcrafted with great attention to detail from reclaimed wine bottles.  The colour of the glass may vary which adds to the uniqueness of our products! 

We use only the highest quality ingredients. 100% pure soy wax infused with fragrant oils to mimic popular beverages. 

Things you should know about our Wholesale Program

  1. We do our best to ship your candles as quickly as possible.  If items are in stock we can ship same day!
  2. We can fill large orders for you, we may need a little more time.
  3. We will advertise your location on our website and on our social medias!
  4. We work with you offering ideas for eye-catching displays. 

Let's begin!

To receive our wholesale pricing please complete and submit the form below.

The important stuff!

If your order is quite large, we may need more time.  This is because our candles take a few days to make, and our most popular ones sell out quite quickly!  We're just a small family operation, so it can be hard to keep large amounts of stock on the shelves.

We do require full payment before we ship your order.

Our minimum order is $100.00.

We do have a recommended retail price.  Prior written approval for any price changes would need to be approved by us.

Sorry we don't offer consignment.

Little Tipsy Candles wholesale is a great business for your store!

We're very excited to partner with you!

Little Tipsy Candle Family.